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Extend Your Adventure


4-7 Days

*Cost $250

Your Deposit

**Includes your

Flight Extension

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  • Faces of Israel

    Discover Israel's diverse social fabric Explore
  • The He(ART) of Israel

    Behind the scenes with Israeli art & culture Explore
  • Mountains & Mystics

    A 7-day retreat to energize your spirit Explore
  • The Foods of Israel

    A culinary experience through Israeli diversity Explore
  • Hebrew like a local

    Immerse yourself in everyday Israeli life Explore
  • The Sea-to-Sea Trek

    Hike from the Mediterranean Sea to the Sea of Galilee Explore
  • Eilat of Heart & Soul

    Delve Deeper: Beyond the surface of Israel & yourself Explore


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We are offering programs in Spanish the weeks of July 21st, July 28th, August 4th

We are offering programs in Russian the weeks of August 4th & August 25th  


How much does it cost?

$250 includes lodging, food, and transportation. *

Participants of previous Birthright Israel seasons will pay $250.

*Your Taglit-Birthright Israel deposit covers the cost of the flight extension, your activities, accommodations, transportation, and most of your meals for the 4-7 days. The price does not include any costs outside of programming or costs in between your original trip and Plus


Free time in-between my trip & Plus

Most people will have a few days break in between trip & Plus to relax, enjoy & explore Israel on their own. 


Can I extend my flight?

When registering for a Birthright Israel Plus program, you may select your preferred flight back giving you the option to fly home or stay longer in Israel after your program is over.

Note: Your ticket can be extended for up to 90 days from the time you leave your home country. Because of limited seating availability and fare differences, we can't guarantee you'll get your preferred return flight date.


How is this different?

In these exclusive experiences, you'll make 20-25 friends with people from around the world. We offer a more relaxed schedule which gives you the opportunity to curate your own experience with the support network of Birthright Israel's experienced and knowledgeable staff.



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